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Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel

Feb 7, 2019

Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel! Our episode this week features Michael Jones, Senior Director of Custom Care for Home Depot. Home Depot has been one of the pioneers in Customer Experience leadership but have always adopted the approach of investing in resources for their associates so that they can serve customers more effectively.


In this episode, Chad and Michael discuss:

  • How to leverage the value of contact centers to a broader organization
  • Game changing approaches to the workforce management
  • Delivering a best in class environment for our most valuable resource: our people
  • Defining the Customer Experience model and ensuring that stakeholder buy in occurs…. Looking at the contact center beyond a cost center
  • Showing and providing the ROI to have a ‘seat at the table’ in decision shaping and decision making
  • Leveraging tools to lower Cost per Contact (Speech Analytics, Agent facing AI, real time training and coaching tools, etc.)



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