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Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel

Nov 1, 2018

Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel! Our series this week, entitled “A CEO’s Perspective towards Customer Support Automation” focuses on Artificial Intelligence and its role in the Customer Experience space. Antony is the co-founder and CEO of Directly, a San Francisco based company that implements AI and machine learning platforms into the CX services of large companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Samsung.


In this episode, Chad and Antony discuss:

  • The gig economy and everchanging landscape of a fluid workforce
  • Continued evolution of AI and machine learning
  • Digital workforce and the gig economy and how it can change the customer experience
  • Why automation has faltered while AI has continued to trend upward
  • Is the gig economy a trend?
  • How to approach further implementing AI for your customer experience

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