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Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel

Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel! Our first series of episodes are focused on Women in CX Leadership, and Lorraine Schumacher started in humble beginnings in IT with Verizon and capitalized on the opportunity to turn her varied experience into the position of her dreams as the CEM Evangelist at Clarabridge.


In this episode, Chad and Lorraine discuss: 

  • Her thoughts on the current state of the Customer Experience industry.
  •  Advice on successful leaderships disciplines for the CX Industry
  •  Her career success in the CX Industry and what has compelled her to move constantly move forward
  •  Core competencies that are essential to succeed in this space
  •  Positive lessons learned from failures throughout her career
  •  Finding your discipline that aligns with you’re passionate about.

Books discussed in today’s conversation

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun – Wess Roberts, PhD
Chief Customer Officer 2.0 – Jeanne Bliss 
The Ultimate Question 2.0 – Fred Reichheld with Rob Markey
The Effortless Experience – Matthew Dixon
Would You Do That to Your Mother? – Jeanne Bliss
Fearless Leader – Chris Baron
Ready to be a thought leader? – Denise Brosseau

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