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Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel

Oct 25, 2018

Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel! Our first series of episodes are focused on Women in CX Leadership, and Lisa Stoner is one of the top in the industry as the Global Head of Support Operations at Uber. She is currently responsible for Ubers’ solutions/contracts/workforce all over the world and she has had an amazing career over the last 20 years.


In this episode, Chad and Lisa discuss:

  •  How her start in a call center led to a 20 year career with Convergys led to her setting up operations in India and having a hand in the launch of the initial iPhone.
  •  Thought on leadership philosophies from a female perspective in CX Leader
  •  What attributes and strength have led her to ascend through the ranks throughout her career
  •  Expected shifts in technology trends in CX over the new few years
  •  How her customer service acumen has translated into community service work with children
  •  Advice on how to continue to grow and succeed in CX Leadership

Books discussed in today’s conversation
End of your Life Book Club – Will Schwalbe

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