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Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel

Dec 6, 2018

Welcome to the latest episode of Customer Driven with Chad McDaniel! Our episode this week features Mike Nessler, CEO of Argo Contact Centers, someone who understands the value of long-term customer relationships.  Mike has a long track record of success in customer experience and brings some great perspective on a multitude of topics.

In this episode, Chad and Mike discuss:

- Designing your customer experience – including the functional groups and technology that you need to support the ideal customer experience.
- Putting the right impact metrics in place and clearly defining the metrics each group must manage to deliver on the end experience.
- Ensuring people are supported with the right technology to engage, teach, grow and enable their success.
- How thinking short term and layering technology can be one of the worst mistakes CX Leaders can make
- The secrets to integrated multiple CX technologies in the most effective ways possible.

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